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​Product development doesn’t end with a drawing, you need a prototype or a test run before moving into full production. We know how to get your parts done right, from the first one to the last. The proof is in the pudding, many of our parts survive the deepest depths of the ocean, the blast of rocket engines and the vacuum of outer space, all while keeping precious instruments and cameras safe from the extremes. Our partners trust us with their most critical designs, and you can too. 

Quality control is key to manufacturing accurate parts in any material. At the heart of Sexton Precision is a team of experienced machinists, operators and a strategic array of CNC lathe and milling machines. Our team works directly from your drawings, making continual measurements and necessary adjustments throughout the machining process to ensure consistency. The long list of materials we commonly machine includes acetal, acrylic, polycarbonate, PEEK, Teflon, UHMW, aluminum, stainless steels, tool steels, titanium, copper and brass. When you partner with Sexton Precision, we focus on precision so you don’t have to. 


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Production & Assembly

Prototype to Production

You have a working design and it’s time to continue the development process. Maybe you need one prototype or a dozen to work through product variations before moving on to full production runs. With our knowledge, experience, and investment in machines we accomplish your goals efficiently and you can move from prototype to production without worry.  

We want to partner with you to manufacture your components, housings, sub-assemblies, seals, o-ring grooves, flanges and more. We are a turnkey supplier, provide build services, and assist developing custom solutions for complex projects.  We want to be your contract manufacturing partner for a Made in the USA product.  


Experienced Innovators

Partner with engineers and machinists that will share your vision. We are innovators, experienced with bringing complicated products through prototyping and into full production. We want to assist your team as they bring their ideas to market. We want to be your trusted resource for product development and machine design. Our in-house product lifecycle management services help you steer clear of scope creep and avoid kitchen sink syndrome. With your vision and our manufacturing expertise, the sky won’t be the limit.  

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